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    Stimulating Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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  • Our common challenge

    Swiss universities generate about 60-80 spin-offs each year, but how do we get the other 220’000 students to unleash their creative potential and benefit society and the economy?

    Our common plan

    Support an innovation culture and student entrepreneurship at Swiss cantonal Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences and reach out to young people that wish to study and work in an entrepreneurial environment.

    The Fribourg national conference for Student Innovation

    The National conference for Student Innovation unites in Fribourg annually. This high-level workshop will compare and contrast Swiss experiences and ecosystems around innovation support and entrepreneurship for cantonal universities and universities of applied sciences, provide insights into methods for encouraging an innovation culture for students interested in intra- and entrepreneurship, and build a network of innovation experts interested in developing best practices for student support.

    Outcomes for the participants

    • Best practices on stimulating student entrepreneurship
    • What’s happening elsewhere in Switzerland
    • Stimulate interinstitutional collaborative projects
    • What we know about student entrepreneurship, and what we don’t
    • Gender / diversity issues in entrepreneurship
    • Extend your network with innovation professionals and experts
  • Keynote Speakers

    Our international speakers on student innovation culture and entrepreneurship

    Building an Innovative Ecosystem -- for ALL kinds of entrepreneurship

    Patricia G. Greene

    Emeritus Professor of Entrepreneurship of Babson College


    LCIE: Student Entrepreneurship at KU Leuven

    Tine Van Lommel

    Innovation Manager KU Leuven R&D, Spin-off & Innovation

    Coordinator LCIE (Leuven Community of Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship)


  • Program

    Get new insights from experts. Share your experience. Meet and discuss.


    9:00-9:20 Coffee and Reception

    9:20-9:30 Welcome


    9:30-10:00 Building an Innovative Ecosystem -- for ALL kinds of entrepreneurship, Prof. Dr. Patricia G. Greene, Emeritus Professor of Entrepreneurship of Babson College, Boston, USA


    10:00-10:30 LCIE: Student Entrepreneurship, Tine Van Lommel, Innovation Manager at KU Leuven R&D, Belgium

    Swiss Programs

    10:30-12:00 Presentations of Swiss Universities Entrepreneurship & Innovation Programs

    - Dr. Maria Olivares, Head of Innovation, UZH

    - Prof. Dr. Patrick Link, Head of Smart-up, HSLU

    - Prof. Nathalie Nyffeler, Head of MSc Innokick, HES-SO

    - Prof. Antoine Perruchoud, Head of the HES-SO Team Academy, HEVS

    - Prof. Dr. Pietro Morandi, School of Applied Psychology, FHNW


    12:00-13:30 Lunch Break


    Workshop main topic:

    Swiss universities offer a variety of educational and support structures to assist start-up activities. However, many challenges remain, and this workshop will focus on answering the following questions:


    - How to market such programs internally (toward the university staff, toward students and externally (toward partners, politics)?

    - How to encourage students to pursue their own ideas?

    - How to demonstrate the value of engaging resources to promote student innovation?

    - How to promote innovation as part of the vision within the school’s objectives?


    Special attention will be paid to the following points:

    - How can women/men or other diverse groups be specifically supported?

    - How universities can specifically promote innovation and entrepreneurship from women?


    13:30-14:30 Workshop 1st round:

    3 groups (created in advance depending on their knowledge and status; divided: university, UAS, students, other stakeholders) elaborate 20 ideas


    14:30-15:30 Workshop 2nd round :

    Discussion of the ideas and selection of the best ideas (10 ideas) prepare the results


    Discussion and Synthesis

    15:30-16:30 Workshop 3rd round:

    Discussion and synthesis; next steps and platform discussion

    Apéritif / Apéro riche

  • Who should attend?

    We wish to assemble the experts, visionaries and fighters for student innovation and entrepreneurship at all Swiss Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences. We want to meet you.

    Innovation Leaders at Academic Institutions

    Representatives from Student Initiatives

    Innovation and Tech Transfer Experts

    Role Models in Entrepreneurship

    Board Members at Swiss Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences

    Cantonal and Federal Authorities Encouraging Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • Location

    Adolphe Merkle Institute
    4, chemin des Verdiers
    1700 Fribourg
    Information, 026 300 9137
  • Registration

    Connect to the network, share your experience, and participate in the development of student innovation.

    (Registration is subject to a maximum of participants)


    A small fee to cover lunch and apéro costs will be requested.



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  • About us

    Association for Student Innovation


    The Association for Student Innovation (ASI) was established in 2015 to help transform the innovation dynamics on campus in Fribourg. We foster cross-institutional innovation activities at the student level between the School of Management Fribourg, the University of Fribourg, the Adolphe Merkle Institute, and the School of Engineering and Architecture Fribourg.

    ASI is the linchpin in launching, boosting and coordinating interdisciplinary student innovation activities with activities such as the Innovation Club https://www.innovation-club.ch and the first Swiss-wide forum on student innovation. Our students have won venture idea competitions, taken on innovation leadership positions in large firms, and founded start-ups.

    Dr. Eliav Haskal


    Association for Student Innovation

    NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials, ​Univ. of Fribourg

    Prof. Dr. Philipp Bubenzer


    Association for Student Innovation

    School of Management Fribourg